Angry Birds Fly Into Roku Box

It’s been on the net that the Roku team is working with Rovio to bring Angry Birds to the Roku box (also from Bloomberg). For the few people that don’t otherwise have access to Angry Birds (it’s on about every platform out there at this point), it’s one more vehicle to get your birds flying at pigs fix.

This caught my attention because it highlights that Roku is looking for ways to breakout on the set-top box front. Roku started as a Netflix spin-out when Netflix punted on making their own hardware. Hitching wagons with Netflix has been good for business so far, but Roku will need to stretch further to survive against Apple and Google. To enable Angry Birds, Roku would’ve had to mature their API and programming interfaces enough to allow more advanced third party development. I’m also struggling with how they’ll control the game. After all, the Roku remote isn’t a joystick by any stretch of the imagination.