How To Spend Less On HDMI Cables

I started looking at alternatives to cable to save a buck. The bare-bones cable packages can easily exceed $50 a month after they throw in the converter box “rental”. So, get rid of the cable, get a Netflix account, get an Apple TV or Roku box, and you should be good. When the streaming box arrives, you realize that the box does not contain the HDMI cable. Drat!

HDMI cables can be expensive. Stopping by Best Buy for a cable will run you $20 or so. If you want to get really fancy, there are companies selling HDMI cables for $400. Its hard to tell the different, so how’s a person to pick?

Fortunately, PC Magazine researched the problem in their article Slaying the Cable Monster: Why HDMI Brands Don’t Matter. They compared a mid end Monster Cable ($70) to an el cheapo from Amazon ($6 after the article published). PC Magazine found that, in blind tests, the viewers couldn’t tell the difference. After all, HDMI sends a digital signal.

So, if you’re looking for the best HDMI cable for your setup, ignore the hype and shop with your wallet. Go for the cheapest thing that Amazon provides.