Netflix on XBox 360 Brings Roku Disappointment

I had an opportunity to go traveling this weekend and visit family. While there, we were watching Netflix videos. Unfortunately, I had never realized that the Roku box was not amazing until I browsed around on an XBox. Night and day difference. The GUI was polished and responsive, making the Roku box feels downright sleepy.

Admittedly, the XBox has some things going for it. It costs more than the Roku box (at least $199), and that higher price tag brings some serious processing power along with it. Also, there are 55 million units out there. This makes a much larger target for Netflix software writers, so they’ll spend more time on it.

The Roku box does still have a few things going for it. For folks who are just dabbling with internet streaming, it’s the cheapest way to get in the game at $59.00.

It was disappointing that my little Roku box isn’t the end-all of video streaming. I’ll get over it, somehow. I’ve also realized that I need to sample Netflix across a larger number of devices to see how the experience varies.

Update: Destroyed the typos.