Great Time For Streaming Video

It’s been almost four and a half years since my last post. In that time, a lot has happened in the streaming video ecosystem and the resources for someone to cut the cable cord is better than ever. Just this month, news reports highlighted that Comcast is crossing the point where internet subscriptions are passing cable subscriptions, following a trend that had started five years ago.

Comcast has released its quarterly earnings report [PDF] and once again the pay-TV customer numbers have slipped while the company’s broadband growth continues.

Of course, not everyone agrees (yet), but things are very different over five years ago.

It hit a home for me recently when I was talking with a friend and they were bemoaning their cable bill. When I started discussing all the options out there with him, it blew his mind. He was ready to kick Time Warner to the curb. This tells me that we’re at the crossing point and there’s money to be saved and an industry to change, which is why I’ve started writing again.