FCC Docs Reveal Roku 3500R Streaming Stick Teardown Pics

Back in January, Roku refreshed the streaming stick. This looks to be a running change of internals that doesn’t register to the end consumer. It flagged on the FCC certification website. According to the filing, the flash size was changed. More enjoyably, Roku kindly provided internal photos of the Roku 3500R streaming stick as part of the filings. Thanks Roku!

The 1st photo shows the bottom side of the main board next to the housing pieces.

Roku 3500R Bottom

The 2nd photo shows the top side of the board and notes antenna locations.

Roku 3500R Top Shielded

The 3rd photo was the winner shot, so to speak. It two major chips are identifiable that look to be :

Roku 3500R Top No Shield
The rumored BCM2835 processor is not observable in the photos.