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I’ve long wanted to get rid of cable TV and swap to streaming video. When I looked around the web to see how to do it, I didn’t see the kind of writing that I craved. After my household made the jump, I began this blog to write about what I saw and what I paid attention to. I’d like the journey to be easier for everyone else who is trying to make the jump. I will generally write about whatever catches my fancy. Sometimes it’s random, other times it’ll be the latest breaking news story. Whatever it is, it’ll be related to the coming change to video over the internet.

About Mike

I’m a tech worker living in the Austin, Texas area. I have a BS in Computer Engineering and have working in various tech sectors for over 10 years. If you want to get hold of me, email me at mike@mycablealternatives.com.

What Are Those Ads Doing Here?

Being a small website off in the corner of the internet, I’m not getting free samples from the manufacturer. I have to acquire things the old fashion way – buy them. The ads and referrals help me defray the cost of web hosting and buying things to try and take apart. If you like My Cable Alternatives and want to do something extra, you can buy products you’ll use via one of the sponsor links. Right now, My Cable Alternatives has a few things setup:

  • If you buy a Roku box via our website, we get a small commission
  • If you follow one of my links to Amazon and buy something, we get a small commission
  • We have Google Ads on the main page

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