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Apple WWDC Silent On Apple TV Rumors

LpLZQ[1]After a lot of fuss and frantic Apple TV rumor swapping leading up to the Apple 2015 World Wide Developer’s Conference, the Apple TV related materials got pulled from the agenda.

Just a quick rundown of the best rumors leading up to the conference:

One thing that did escape from the WWDC is further evidence that Apple plans to roll-out apps on Apple TV. This would be a game changer for the streaming TV market since it opens up the large developer ecosystem to the Apple TV space and kicks Roku in the shins a few times for good measure.

Spotlight On Apple iTunes Video

Apple iTunes video is Apple’s video offering that’s tied to their iOS ecosystem. Although there are always rumors of something much more grand, Apple says it is dabbling in this marketplace. They currently offer downloadable TV shows (buy only) and movies (buy and rent) in both standard definition and HD.

Offering Price
TV Shows $1.99+ / Buy
Movies $3.99+ / Rent
$9.99+ / Buy

Places To Watch Apple iTunes Videos

There are few people as proprietary as Sony, and Apple is one of them. Just like Henry Ford’s famous quote about black cars, you can watch iTunes videos on anywhere you want, as long as it is on an Apple device. Apple does allow Windows-based PCs to also view their content as a nod to not yet taking over the PC market yet.

PlayBack Device Apple iTunes
PC / Mac YES
Android Devices no
iOS Devices YES
Roku (TV) no
Playstation 3 (TV) no
XBox 360 (TV) no
Wii (TV) no
Blue-ray Players no
HDTVs no

Apple iTunes Video Bitrates

iLounge has posted a great summary of iTunes video encoding practices. Continuing the keep-it-simple theme, Apple supports one standard def encoding and one high def encoding.

High Def Audio Quality Bitrate 1 HR TV Show Size
720p Stereo 4.1 Mbps 1.80 GB
Standard Def Audio Quality Bitrate 1 HR TV Show Size
480p Stereo 1.6 Mbps 0.70 GB

Before watching iTunes videos, check that your internet provider gives enough bandwidth to get the video quality you’re expecting.

Apple iTunes Video Conclusions

The Good: When Apple does something, it does it well. Their setup just works. If you want a video, you click, get it, and then can stream it to the supported devices.

The Bad: Apple is one of the most restrictive companies for their videos. It’s computer, iPhone, or Apple TV. Purchasing requires an iTunes account.