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Cord Cutting News & Rumors – OMG Apple TV Edition

It’s been a few weeks since my last round-up, and Apple has successfully sucked all the oxygen out of the room with discussion about the Sept 9th Apple TV update that’s rumored to be coming down the pipe. A few non-Apple tidbits churned up in the back corners of the internet.

Cord Cutting News & Rumors – 8/12/2015

A bit of time off and I’m back on the keyboard. Let’s see what’s wandered through the internets while I relaxed my brain.

Linkfest for 7/16/2015

Let’s see what’s been happening in the news and rumor mill. I’ve gotten in my Daily Show bender now that Comedy Central has a native Roku channel.

Linkfest for 7/2/2015

Mmmm… Tasty, tasty news and links. Biggest note are the major content deals – Hulu bundling showtime and the Yahoo-NFL tie-up.

Linkfest for 6/19/2015

Let’s see what the internet news has ginned up for us.

Streaming Video Linkfest for 5/27/2015

Items from the news and rumor circuit: