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Streaming Video Linkfest 7/24/2011

Another week, more news. It’s like it never ends. First up is the Roku 2 announcement, which I’ve covered elsewhere. And now, into the rest of the news.

More on the Netflix price hike:

The Hulu acquisition dance is taking up significant mindshare. The Apple rumor consumed an outside chunk of the chatter here because, well, it’s Apple. Everything they touch turns to gold. But as for factual reporting, there’s one Bloomberg article that kicked it off followed by 100 “Guess what Bloomberg just said” write-ups and then several layers of conjecture on top of it. No one is adding new information beyond the original article.

And everything else:

Streaming Video News Linkfest 7/17

Another Sunday afternoon news drop. Most notably was Netflix’ price increase, which has been chattered to death quite successfully outside of my link lovin’. Here’s what else is out there.

Company Offers Competitor Customers Free HDMI Cable

HDMI cables continue to be a racket. Cables are way overpriced and the average user should buy the cheapest one they can find. One company has an interesting solution to this. They’re giving away free cables to their competitor’s customers:

Kogan is offering TV buyers a free HDMI cable with proof of TV purchase from one of its competitors, to prove that its £4 cable is as good as the £20, £50 and £100 alternatives on sale at rival stores. It may even extend the offer to PC buyers.

“An HDMI cable is an HDMI cable,” Kogan added. “It’s a digital cable. You either get a picture or you don’t. Don’t get conned into buying a ‘fancy’ HDMI cable because it will make no difference!”

Since HDMI cables are heavily used in streaming video setups, I’ll keep beating this drum. There is no reason to waste money on more expensive cables. If you’re doing a commercial setup with 100 feet of cable, then we’ll talk. That isn’t a living room setup.

Spotted via Slashdot, which is always good read for the comments. This one sums it up well:

There are various grades of HDMI cable for different task. If you’re running a 1920×1440 monitor or a 3D telly then you should get the high-speed flavor rather than bog-standard but you can still get those for a fiver from reputable online suppliers. The problem is not stores telling people that they need a $10 high-speed HDMI cable rather than a $5 normal speed one, they’re telling people that a $100 super-deluxe high-speed cable will give them a better picture and sound than the $10 high-speed HDMI cable. Which is BS.

…and the victims of this are usually people wanting 6′ cables to connect their BluRay to their TV, not slashdotters wanting to run 60′ cables past their homemade van-der-graff generator, in front of their Pringles-can long distance WiFi link, under the Farnsworth fuser and down to their experimental video wall.

Streaming Video News For 7/10

Another week of news. Right now, the video world is aswirl over the Hulu buyout.

There’s also the Apple TV-in-a-TV rumor mill that’s churning like crazy

And then there’s everything else

Streaming Video Linkfest for 7/3

Whenever I take some time off, the news goes crazy. In this week’s round-up, the FCC reveals the new Roku box, everyone fights over Hulu, MediaMall introduces PlayLater, and other random nuggets.

Streaming Video Linkfest for 6/26

A bit more linky to the world wide web: